Family Law

Legal matters involving marriage and family are complicated and almost always charged with emotion. This is not an environment you want to navigate alone and hope for the best. Your most advantageous asset is knowledge and that is where Regent Law comes in.

Our deep experience in all facets of family law offers a guiding hand through the confusing maze of mediations, hearings, statutes, property, finances, custodial time and myriad other issues. It’s not about “winning” — no one ever truly wins when it comes to ending marital bonds — it’s about knowing what to realistically expect, being prepared for it and, in the end, feeling satisfied that the best interests of you and your family were well served. Trust Regent Law to get you through it in a way that lets you get on with your life.


How much child support you are entitled to receive, or are obligated to pay, is determined by a formula set by North Carolina Child Support Guidelines.


In a perfect world all child custody disputes could be settled outside the courtroom. Unfortunately, with such an emotionally charged issue…


Post Separation Support and Alimony — these are the two types of spousal support in North Carolina. Think of Post Separation Support as temporary alimony…


Before you can file for divorce in North Carolina, the state requires one year of separation. That means living apart from one another and one of you must…


In North Carolina, when either spouse shows the court that a legal marriage exists, that one or the other spouse has been a legal resident of NC for at least…


Do you and your spouse have a qualified retirement account or pension plan? If so, then QDRO will become a familiar acronym in divorce discussions.


How property is divided often becomes one of the more contentious aspects of divorce proceedings. You may presume that the court will find…


Families that want to solve their divorce and family law issues and avoid the time and cost associated with litigation should consider Mediation…


Frequently, life changes following a court order can seriously affect custody arrangements between parents. Job loss or other financial strains…

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